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mybloombudz proudly introduces the industry’s FIRST Print-on-Demand Branded Keepsake experience. A revolutionary method crafted with every floral professional in mind. stemskinz is more than a product, its truly a branded, interactive keepsake experience designed to add that special touch to every bouquet & arrangement while opening up a new layer of revenue opportunities.        

The power of stemskinz lies in its full customizability. Choose from our vast array of pre printed designs or harness the flexibility of our print on demand method, allowing for on the spot personalization in store. The possibilities are truly endless! 

Make every floral gift an unforgettable keepsake experience with stemskinz. Elevate your brand, delight your customers and drive business growth all with one product, at your finger tips. Embrace and join the future of floristry. 


Advantages of stemskinz

Level up your branding + customer experience + revenue all at once!


Maximize Revenue Potential

stemskinz revolutionizes the floral industry by offering an affordable alternative to high-priced keepsakes. stemskinz allows florists to provide their clients with custom, memorable designs at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, stemskinz offers a unique upsell opportunity enabling florists to enhance their offerings while increasing their bottom line. Experience both cost efficiency and artistic freedom, all while increasing your revenue potential iwth stemskinz!


Be apart of a growing community

stemskinz, a gem from mybloombudz, is more than a product- it's the pulse of an energetic floral community. mybloombudz isn't just about superb tooks like stemskinz; its a vibrant online hub of creativity and innovation. Dive into an exciting world of blogs, exclusive downloads and endless inspiration. By embracing stemskinz, you're not just choosing a cutting edge product; you're becoming part of a dynamic movement set out to reshape the floral industry with flair and community spirit!


Print On Demand

stemskinz an innovative print on demand keepsake method, empowers florists to unleash their creativity and efficiency like never before. With this cutting edge technology, you can print exactly what you need, when you need it, in any color or design imaginable. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities with stemskinz - the perfect blend of art and efficiency for your floral arrangements. 


Branding + QR Codes

stemskinz takes customization to the next level with the integration of QR code technology. This feature opens a world of endless creative possibilities, allowing florists to embed personzlied messages, videos, or digital content directly onto their floral arrangements. Customers can scan the QR codes to uncover a unique interactive experience. With stemskinz, you're not just selling flowers; you're offering a customizable, tech-savvy experince that stands out in the market. 


stemskinz Features

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Personalized Liner   With shop branding


A full Keepsake Experience
StemSkinz + Matching Cards+ Picks+ Printed Keepsakes

Man Using Computer Printer

stemskinz two ways!
Print On Demand or Pre-Printed

  Let your Brand Shine through every arrangement crafted with StemSkinz that includes your Logo, colors, links and QR codes. Send a product out with YOUR name on it, not the manurfacuter. Create and sell personalized liners with POD or our conciegere design service. 

Compliment your bouquet with a matching greeting card or printed keepsake that helps tell your store,define your look, elevate the experience for the consumer and leaves a lasting memory, visually and mentally. Elevate Your floral designs with our unique matching printable picks. Save time looking for the perfect enhancing asthetics with our matching picks. 

Let us do the lifting for you - we print and cut your StemSkinz then send them your way!


 Use our Print on Demand Method with full access to our skinz library and images to create your product photos! 

Beautifully Designed. Beautifully Branded.


Get started in 3 easy steps!


Become a mybloombudz member & Pick Your Plan

Decide what method works best for your shop. Print On Demand or Preprinted. 


Fill Out Your Brand Profile & Pick Your Method

When setting up your mybloombudz profile, be sure to provide your branding colors, logo and type face you use in your branding portfolio.


Start Selling

Dive into the stemskinz education on mybloombudz to discover a plethora of sales opportunities waiting to be uncovered. This platform is your gateway to mastering the art of stemskinz.

"My bride really loved that we were able to use stemskinz to create arrangments for the bar that had their personalized menu printed on it! Such an innovative product." 

Joshua H. AR

The StemSkinz Story...

Almost 17 years in the corporate floral world I had an established career, but deep down I always knew I was meant for something different. My heart beats to the rhythm of creativity, a loud constant hum in the forefront of my life. 

I remember the day it all changed. It was another day, cleaning up a craft project in my kitchen but then as if by fate, I randomly stuffed a printed canvas I sublimated into a clear glass vase. The effect was mesmerizing - colors came alive, designs danced and ideas started to pour.

It wasn't just a container anymore, it was art and there was something here. 

What if i could bring this kind of creativity to florists everywhere? What if I could help them break free of some of the restraints we face in the floral industry and from traditional designs. That's the moment stemskinz was born.

Leaving a steady corporate job wasn't easy but the vision of stemskinz and mybloombudz was too vivid and too exciting to ignore. I dove into this new venture, blending my years of industry experience with my untapped creative spirit. 

Creating stemskinz wasn't just about starting a business, it was about igniting a revolution in floral design. It was about giving florists the freedom to express themselves, to make each arrangement uniquely theirs all while building their brand, enhancing the consumer experience and adding another layer of revenue to their business.

Now looking back, I see that moment in my kitchen not as an accident but as destiny. It was the universe's way of showing me my new path. One combining my passion for flowers and florists with my creative soul. 

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